About Us

Founded back in 2018 by Jessica Watts, Law Managing has always strived to be the number one place on the internet for all the most up-to-date happenings from the world of law and legal and to be a hub where anybody can come to stay educated and knowledgable about aspects of the world that mean the most.

From legal cases with worldwide coverage, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the soon-to-be-global introduction to the technologies of AI, privacy, security, global and international regulations, and guidelines have never been so important, and keeping on top of everything is no easy feat. Jessica started out with a vision to share the information that matters most with the world, and Law Managing was the result.

The site covers everything from opinion pieces to detailing the causes, consequences, and effects of the breaking news pieces that are shaking the world. The legal world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, and Law Managing has the sole priority of helping you to keep up.

With a growing team and eyes set on becoming one of the biggest and most authoritative law information hubs in the world, Law Managing is making waves across the internet. With a focus on remaining independent and confidently traveling the ever-changing legal landscapes of the world, everybody here is excited to see and report on what happens next.