Cases of workplace violence have been on the rise over the last decades. Both the employees and clients alike can fall victims of such violence. Most organizations and the government at large have recently been focusing on implementing different strategies with the aim of bringing such unlawful acts to an end. This will enhance the freedom and peace among the workers, employers, clients, and visitors. But what are some of the most effective strategies you can implement to address this menace? Well, please read.

  • Training of Employees

This is an essential factor to consider when it comes to the efforts channeled towards fighting the workplace violence in every organization. An awareness training enables the employees in an organization to be aware that workplace violence does exist to know the common forms of such violence. They’ll also be taught how they can recognize the signs and symptoms of the different acts of violence. And it doesn’t stop here. Perhaps, they need to know who to go to when they see the signs and symptoms, right? Yes, and this is why training is very important. This training should be provided to both new and the current employees including the managers and supervisors as well.

  • Company Policies

Some people can become victims of workplace violence mainly because there are no policies put in place by employers against such unlawful acts. This, therefore, calls for each employer to create straightforward policies that aim to establish a zero-tolerance environment for all forms of workplace violence. There should be written forms that outline the policies and should be placed in strategic places within the business. This way, every party will be aware of the policies and that they’ll be punished accordingly for any act of violence.

  • Screening of Employees

How well do you know that person you’re about to employ? What was the cause of the person’s termination of his/her previous employment if this is not the first job? Has s/he been involved in any acts of workplace violence before? These are very important factors to consider before giving them a chance in your business. And if it’s their first employment, ensure to dig deep into their behavior in college. If the person was a bully or involved in various disciplinary cases, hiring them might be a risk to the safety of those who’ll be around them. It’s better to prevent the violence from happening than to try and deal with it afterward.

  • Termination of Employment or Contract

Termination, really? Yes, this may be the best option for you to take right now. If an employee had been warned before but went ahead and threatened, insulted, or injured another employee, you’ll be forced to terminate the employee’s employment immediately. Other than the termination of employment, the culprit should be held responsible for his/her actions in court. The same case applies to a client who, in one way or another has committed an act of violence against an employee or management and you have enough proof. You’ll need to terminate their contract with immediate effect. This will serve as a warning to other employees and clients who might be having wrong intentions against other employees or clients.


Workplace violence can hardly be predicted but can be prevented and stopped. As much as such acts of violence are punishable by law, you have a duty to ensure your employees and clients are safe from any form of violence. Implementing these strategies in your organization will be essential to achieving the security goals in your business. Also, look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about workplace violence.

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