Your choice of a law firm can make a substantial difference to how successful your claim is when you are trying to obtain compensation and it also really matters when they are defending you.

There are a few important boxes to tick when choosing a professional legal representative to act for you and it is also highly relevant to focus on someone who has the experience and knowledge to get the right result for you.

Here are some key points to consider when searching for a lawyer.

Take advantage of a free consultation

A good starting point would be to book an appointment with a lawyer, especially if they are offering an initial free consultation, as it is your opportunity to see how they interact with you and to evaluate their credentials close up.

Some lawyers would make a good car salesman with their ability to put you at ease and convince you of the benefits of using their services, but you need to look beyond that.

If a lawyer focuses entirely on a positive outcome and tells you only good news about your case, that should actually make you cautious about using them, as they should also point out the potential negative outcomes, as very little is predetermined in law.

What is their experience?

Many of the best lawyers tend to develop a reputation for handling a specific type of legal matter.

For instance, if you have an issue that relates to maritime law that will require you to appoint someone who has in-depth knowledge and experience you need to find a lawyer who has a track record in this particular sphere.

Some legal matters can be handled by anyone with the right legal qualifications but something more specialists like maritime law need the services of someone who knows their way around the sort of issues and laws that could leave some lawyers floundering.

Size matters

The size of the law firm you choose is relevant for a number of very valid reasons.

A distinct advantage attached to appointing a lawyer who works in a small firm would be the fact that they are likely to be more accessible and offer a more personalized service.

However, it can sometimes be more of an advantage to using a big law firm because of the greater resources, money, and manpower at their disposal.

Reputation is critical. If a particular lawyer has a great track record and success rate it can make a difference with regard to the respect they command in the courtroom. Some of the most successful divorce lawyers, for instance, enjoy a fearsome reputation that acts as a magnet for someone who has the budget to use the best option available.

Clarify costs

There are two main points to make with regard to costs.

You need to find a lawyer who operates within your price range and that means you need to ask for a written estimate of what you are letting yourself in for in terms of costs.

You should be more cautious of a lawyer who seems to be too willing to agree to a cheap deal than one who makes a case for charging the right money for the right result.

If you follow these guidelines it should help you choose the right lawyer for your needs.

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